Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Make money without a website

It's been a while since I posted my previous method, so I'll now teach you guys how to make money uploading videos, without needing to own a website.
To describe the method quickly, we will bring traffic to our affiliate link for free cams or dating. Done right, this converts like hell. If you haven't realized yet, we are talking about the adult niche. Yes, the most competitive niche in the world and we're going to rule it.

Let's split this into small paces:

1)Register an affiliate account here & here

I prefer the second one, but registration may prove to be a little more difficult without a website (they accept people without a website too, but you will need to describe how do you intend to promote links. I got approved without a website, if you registered under me and need help just comment here and I'll help you get approved). 
The first one pays less but it accepts anyone,not even email confirmation is needed. Don't worry, there's a lot of money to be made from each of them.

2) For payments, you will need to register an account here

Most adult ad networks don't use Paypal, so you will need to register an account above. Don't worry, they are to be trusted. If you prefer to receive money by check, you can use that option, but the fees will be bigger.

3) Optional, but very useful, get a sexy domain

Something related to adult cams, be creative and don't choose a very long one. Go for a .com, don't pick other extensions, it must look like a real and professional website (no worries, you won't need to build a website).
*Advice: get a domain with private registration, you don't want everyone to know your name.
I prefer to get domains from namesilo, they have the best prices when it comes to private WHOIS registration, because it's free. To get $1 off of the price, use any of these coupons:

After you get your domain, go to your registrar and redirect your domain to your affiliate link. 
For example: your domain is:, and your affiliate link is:, you must set your domain to point to your affiliate link. So, when a visitor tries to visit your domain, he'll be redirected to your affiliate offer. You will understand soon why you need a domain.

4) Go to free adult websites and download movies from amateur/webcam category

There are several ways to do this, I'll present you my way:
  • get a chrome/mozilla extension to download movies from streaming websites (FVD Downloader)
  • go to adult video websites and find videos that do not have a watermark on it. (my favourite is xHamster)
  • videos should be 5+ minutes long. If you get long ones, you can split them into 5 minutes parts.
  • download about 10-20 videos

5) Watermark the videos with your domain

What this means, is that you will need to add a text over the videos, there are plenty of software able to do it. I am using one that can automatically add a custom watermark (image/text) on bulk videos list. So I just select all my videos, select the watermark I want and it creates the desired videos.
If you don't know what a Watermark is, here's an example with an image. The hovering text is a watermark, we will need to add one with your domain (example: over the videos.
If you can't find a watermarking software, leave a comment below and I'll get back to you and help you.

6) Get LSI keywords from a root Keyword (Live Sex is a good one)

This probably isn't very clear, so I'll help you a bit more. You are looking for keywords related to live sex. I generated a list for you, you can get it here. There are many keywords, you won't need them all, just pick the ones that you find most useful. About 5-10 will be enough.
Make a text file and write in it your selected keywords -
free cams online -
amateur girls live -
amateur webcams - 

(asuming your domain was

7) Upload your videos and copy the description from the text file

There are many websites that will generate a lot of traffic. My personal favourites were xvideos, pornhub, redtube, youporn, etc.

Q: So, how does this work?
A: You upload videos with your domain as watermark, people think that your website has free cams and will come to check it, they are redirected to your affiliate link and you earn from every free registration. You will earn between $1 and $2.5 for every free registration, for sales the profits are much bigger. After you make some good money, my advice is to select rev-share instead of PPL, it's better for long term.

Q: How many videos per day should I upload?
A: As much as possible. At least 5 per day if you want to earn some real money. Keep in mind that some videos might get deleted due to copyright, if that happens create new accounts where you upload videos, don't wait for them to close your account or you will lose all your videos. Xvideos has a 3 strikes policy, meaning they will terminate your account only after your 3rd copyright infrigement, so you should be safe. As soon as you receive the first warning, create a new account.

Q: How much will I earn?
A: Sky is the limit. You can get anywhere from $1 to $1000/day, it matters the number of videos you have online.

Q: Is there any way to automate uploading?
A: Yes. If you want to automate things, buy Adult Video Submitter, it's pretty expensive but they have 7 day trials, use it and see if it's worth it. I say it is.

If you have any questions, leave a comment below, I'll try to help every single one of you.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Get huge number of Facebook Likes

Hi there!
This will be my first post on this blog, just one of the many to come, all containing a new method/trick to make money or other advantages for your Internet Marketing journey. Follow my tips and everyone will profit.
Note: I will only be sharing methods tested personally!

1) Facebook Likejacker

I have personally tested this method and it works great, I've built several targeted pages each having more than 150,000 likes.
Q1: How does it work?
A1: There are mainly 2 types of  likejackers, both being completely hidden.
     1st type is a hidden like button positioned over a "fake" button such as an X button to close a popup. The position on this kind of likejacker is fixed, and can only be accessed if someone clicks the exact spot of the hidden like button.
     2nd type uses a hidden like button that follows the mouse all over the screen, so when the visitor clicks anywhere on the site he will actually like a custom page.

Q2: Which one would you recommend?
A1: It depends! Both types are very effective and work very well, but they usually serve different purposes. I even used them both and they provided a great result together.
The first type works great on any type of website. It uses HTML and Javascript to run and can work either for liking a facebook page or a custom URL. I've used it on Blogger, Tumblr, HTML websites, working perfectly every time.
      The second likejacker is much more advanced and has many more features, but it only works for Wordpress based websites, it is a WP plugin.

Q3: What features do they have?
A3: The first one lacks in features but it's good because it's working on every type of website. One downside may be that the instalation can be different for each website so that means it can be pretty "tricky" to do it right. Still, this works great for hiddenly increasing the number of likes of a page or custom URL.
       The second one has many useful and very interesting features, here's a short list:

  • uses cookies - to prevent visitors from liking and unliking a page/URL, you can use cookies to set the plugin to work only for a custom number of visits. It also allows you to use different cookies (for the advanced)
  • dynamic URL - if you want to increase the number of likes of every page on your website, this works best. What it does it that the visitor will like the URL of the current page he is visiting. If he visits more than one page/post, he will like each one of them.
  • rotating list - if you want to increase the number of likes of multiple pages/URLs, this is what you're looking for.
  • default URL - this is the URL used if you want to increase the likes of a single page/URL
  • invisible - you can enable/disable this feature (mostly for testing purposes, so you can see how it works when it's invisible)
  • timeout - if the visitor has been on the website for X seconds, the plugin will deactivate. This can be useful if you don't want to have 100% rate of likes coming from visitors (it will look suspicious)
  • time throttle - my favourite, you can set the plugin to work only between custom hours (I like to do this so I don't have a huge rate of likes coming continously toward my site)
Q4: Where can I get them?
A4: The first script hasn't really been publicly shared, only on few private groups. I don't think you'll be able to find it. But, if there's a high demand, I'll share it for free with you guys. Just comment below and I'll contact you. As a pre-warning, this script might prove difficult to install to some of you, if you need my help I can probably do it via Team Viewer for a fee. 
      The second script which is very easy to install (install like every other Wordpress plugin) can be found below:

If you have any other questions, feel free to leave a comment below.
I will be sharing new methods at least one a week.